3 D printing – technology of the future

Exceptionally light frames – only 9g – made from a robust material clearly define the PE-Collection from Neostyle.

The manufacturing process involves fine layers of polyamide powder built layer upon layer by laser merging to built the spectacle frame ensuring supreme lightness and flexibility.

The frames are complemented by high quality temples made from German silver and a high precision OBE hinge for optimum wearing comfort. Nosepads ensure a perfect fit.

This fashionable and lightweight collection produced in the NEOSTYLE factory is offered in a variety of color combinations and delivers innovation manufacturing with precise craftsmanship.

PE – Frames like no other!

3 D printed spectacle frames from NEOSTYLE are:

  • featherweight: 9g
  • fine, flexible and easy to glaze
  • produced precisely

3 D printed spectacle frames from NEOSTYLE offer:

  • durability of the material
  • high precision OBE spring hinge for optimum wearing comfort
  • colors and sizes selectable
  • high-tech laser technology combined with precise craftsmanship
  • produced individually
  • environmentally friendly production