Elvis Presley wore it in the 70s  in many of his legendary performances, unforgettable 1972 in Madison Square Garden.

a must-have for all Elvis fans and lovers of retro sunglasses!

The original from NEOSTYLE comes with a certificate of authenticity.



The head designer has developed exquisite eyewear, renowned worldwide since the 70’s. This reputation came as a result of his unique style combined with NEOSTYLE’s commitment to exceptional quality. His coup de grace was achieved through the NAUTIC  frame. Livas is himself a musician and attributes a lot of his inspiration from Elvis. The designer born in nothern Germany to a Greek opera singer and a German actress is a trained optician and a designer of passion. He lives near Stuttgart.

Konstantin Livas in front of a 1956er Cadillac Sedan, 

just like the one Elvis gave his mother on her birthday

Head designer Konstantin answers questions about the legendary NAUTIC sunglasses

Q: Mr. Livas, you caused a sensation all over the world during the 70’s with the sunglasses model NAUTIC. How do you explain the success of these cult sunglasses ?

A: In the 70’s such a distinctive design was clearly unique. NAUTIC provided the wearer an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, something realized by celebrities such as Elvis, Ray Charles, Telly Savalas and Don King. This in turn enhanced the frames’ cult standing.

Q: But how did Elvis actually discover your sunglasses?

A: NEOSTYLE also successfully launched the NAUTIC in the USA. Elvis saw them at his opticians on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. He liked them so much he ordered 5 there and then a further 3 solid gold frames ornately embellished on temples.

Q: Why has NEOSTYLE created a new edition of the NAUTIC ?

A: Elvis’s 75th birthday combined with NEOSTYLE’s 50th was the perfect time to relaunch this iconic design. The retro look being en vogue didn’t hinder us either! We dedicated the NAUTIC with respect ad pride to all Elvis fans and fans of retro sunglasses just like the way he valued the unmistakable.

Q: What does the history of the NAUTIC mean to you personally ?

A: Honestly, I can say that I never thought anything about it at the time but looking back today I am very proud that my creation was so valued by Elvis. I listened enthusiastically to him on the military radio AFN whe I was 9 years old. I myself am a musician and a great admirer of Elvis and his amazing music.